Jamendo Ogg Ktorrent

Jamendo.com offers ogg vorbis downloads of its many nice albums. In addition it is ideally suited for the bitorrent network as the music is released under the Creative Commons.
But there is a lot of music and few seeders. Downloading the ogg torrent may not help as there is no seed - my Ktorrent is wanting to download but cannot find anything.
Following some instructions from the Jamendo forums I have been able to download some albums in ogg format and would like to seed them for others.

I have found some instructions on how to do this
ktorrent.org • View topic - HOWTO: Share your files with KTorrent without a tracker

but ktorrent is showing an altert in the status bar. It says invalid response from tracker.
I am not sure how to address this.

Ktorrent is now displaying …Unregistered torrent pass

I think another step is required to seed the torrent. Any suggestions ?

This usually means you have to register with the tracker’s site. Some require a payment, others don’t.

Darn. There has got to be an easier way.
I just want to share some files that I have legally downloaded.

You can use a public tracker, like mininova.org for example. They do require registration to upload, I think, but no charges.

I doubt you’ll find any site that’ll accept anonymous UPloads.