JackLab Audio Distribution (JAD)

Is anyone interested in continuing the JAD Project?
I was very sad to hear, that it has closed :frowning:
Because I’m addicted to openSUSE and want to use
a Linux Pro audio Distribution based on it.
At the moment i’m using Ubuntu Studio, because
setting up openSUSE 11.2 with the realtime Kernel
from j.eng was horrible…
So it would be much better to bundle it in a new
Version of JAD. Maybe some of you have the same
need as me and enough knowledge to realize it :wink:

I’m using SuSE as a DAW for quite a while now and find it to be an excellent basis for that, I never saw a need for a special “studio”-version of SuSE. You should test whether jengelh’s kernel is really necessary, since the desktop-kernel of the current SuSE also works with low latency and preemption. It runs pretty well for most audio-editing work.

I use both Kernels; jengelh’s kernel (I am using the 32bit rtpae) seems to run a little smoother when multiple audio-sources have to be handled. Anyway: what were your problems when setting up the kernel? Worked flawless for me…

No, not here. The desktop kernel is now good enough for my amateur needs. Before that I used 64 Studio (debian based) on another partition as it had a better real time kernel than ubuntu studio. I can still use it for anything openSUSE desktop kernel can’t hack. :slight_smile:

After installing the kernel from j.eng my system no longer bootet.
There were some issues with the kernel module for my graphics, although i used the modules from j.eng’s repository.
I think the main problem is that i don’t have a workstation or PC,
i’m on a notebook and so it could be ACPI Problems, i believe, because i’ve heared that those features are removed from rt-kernel versions.

I would suggest using SUSE Studio and custom building your own CD/DVD. You could do a real time kernel if you want, with the audio applications that you want. SUSE Studio is fairly easy to use. It’s web based, and once it’s done building it for you, you download it and try it out. You can even do custom scripts.

I know susestudio and tried it, but it’s a little painful
searching all the software from all the repos…
Maybe a better way could be, install openSUSE 11.2 from DVD and using two kernels (and boot the -desktop for misc. work and the -rt for multimedia production).
Has somebody experiences with this setup?
Is it possible to use different kernel-modules-versions
for the different kernels e.g. for propr. graphics driver
(nvidia) and especially webcam, fingerprint drivers?

OK, I’ve done it. I had to modificate /etc/zypp/zypp.conf and change the line beginning with multiversion to this:

multiversion = kernel-desktop,kernel-rt

Than i installed the kernel-rt from j.eng’s repo and after a
reboot i can now boot into -desktop or -rt Kernel.
Every device seems to work as well as before when running
kernel-rt :slight_smile:
So thanks to everyone.