I've migrated to openSUSE, so I thought I'd say hello!

Hello everyone,

I was wondering where I had to go to say hello, I think this looks like the right place, but I apologise if I have things wrong.

I’m a relatively new openSUSE user, though not new to Linux. I migrated to openSUSE 11.4 from Ubuntu LTS by way of Windows 7. I only installed Windows to get back into it for work, but it started to do my head in and the Penguin side kept calling me back, so here I am. :slight_smile: I left Ubuntu as I wanted something more up to date, that kept to the idea of a desktop as I understand it, not something that looks (at least to my eyes) as a tablet style interface shoved where it has no business being.

I’m really enjoying using openSUSE, I have to say it is IMO a much nicer desktop than Windows 7! I’m also hoping to port a Python program of mine from GTK+ to QT and use the build service to package it up, so that’ll be a fun challenge!

Yes. This is a good place to say Hello.

Hi :smiley:


Welcome - I find this a very friendly and helpful community.

Welcome here, enjoy

Me too, me too.
Just joined.
Haven’t even installed openSUSE yet, just preparing.
I’m downloading the Gnome3 live disc.
I’ve set up my user profile, but I can’t find where to edit my signature…

You can’t have a signature until you post with us some more. It’s part of the anti-spam setup for the forum.
But welcome

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Info.

Hello and welcome. We’re fine group of 60.000+ :slight_smile: