I've made a terrible mistake.

Yes but he deleted Linux lol. So maybe a CD or something like Parted Magic would be needed.

Nope. Never. He just switched the bootflag.

Just to be sure, have you read my original post? I HAVE deleted the linux partitions via the Windows Partition Manager (or whatever they call it). I’m understanding that your advice is based solely on Linux being operable.

I’m going to ask some more specific questions:

  1. Can I fix this problem without Putting Linux back on my hard drive?

  2. If so, do I need to use some sort of boot disc? (please keep in mind that my computer is currently Vista.)

I am on a fairly slow internet connection, so getting the 4.5 Gb ISO Opensuse downloaded would take about 35 hours.

And just another FYI, I am a total newbie at working with partitions, multiple OS’s etc. I don’t have the username Redneck for nothing. :smiley:

And thank you. :slight_smile:

P.S. Newb trying to dual boot openSUSE 11.3 and Vista

This was where I started this journey. The reason this thread has the name it does is I didn’t follow caf4926’s advice. (I deleted the Linux partitions and immediately restarted my computer, and I got the notifications in my original post.)

A stupid mistake that I am now trying to fix… I guess I’m learning a lot though.

Nope (I haven’t read your original post) :frowning:
And Yep (advice is based on Linux being operable) :slight_smile:

Yes you just have to rewrite a generic MBR … somehow (unless there is another problem with your Windows partition. There are always 2 problems.)

Yes, I’m sure there are some. SuperGrub claims it can fix Windows MBR. I never tried.

If I have read correctly, you do boot up to basic grub prompt. If so you can boot into Vista and then download easybcd. They say it will repair the MBR. Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies For my dial-up it says 6 min to download. 1.3m

From grub> rootnoverify (hd0, <tab> that will list your partitions, look for ‘type 07’. use that partition #0-3 If you have a recovery or data partition they may also be type 07.

you should now have grub>
rootnoverify (hd0,?) ?=partition # for Vista
chainloader +1

hope I did not make a typo or mistake.