I've made a terrible mistake.

I deleted my Linux partitions and restarted my computer. I had Opensuse 11.3 and Vista, but I finished with Linux, so I deleted it…now. I didn’t run any sort of Vista recover disc. I forgot. Now when my computer starts up I get black screen with this.

GNU GRUB version 0.97 (623K lower / 3008160K upper memory)

Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists the possible completions of a device/filename. ]


What have I done? :s

A better question…how can I fix it?

you need to reinstall grub with a live linux disk. Maybe something like this helps -> recovering grub

Edit: One second look at your post, I realized that you already in grub when you boot your computer, so it seems like you don’t need live cd. You just need to use right commands to install it back. Thou, I don’t remember exact details, link I posted might help with that…

Actually he probably wants to reinstall the Windows bootloader.

This may help too:

SDB:All about GRUB - openSUSE

(Refer More about Grub installation - advanced users section)

Yeah. I want Vista to be the only OS on THIS computer…

Yes, its just a simple means to an end to get access to windows back. You could also use UBCD for Windows/ to restore the Windows MBR.

Oh, right. :slight_smile: Thanks. I’m downloading the UBCD for Windows… What is an MBR exactly?

As far as I know, it is at the beginning on your hard drive, containing information about your operating system, so that when you open your computer, it gives you option to select any of them, when you write your windows information on it, it will boot your windows directly, because you won’t have anything else there.

That sounds good. I’ll post later once I get this downloaded, burned, and get a chance to run it. We’ll see what happens I guess.

It stands for Master Boot Record. It contains the bootloader necessary to then boot an OS.

Master boot record - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grub uses its own boot loader, and now since you’ve deleted it, you need to reinstate a windows boot loader again.

Actually what happened is that GRUB is still there, both the MBR block and probably stage1.5, which is pointed to by block number in the MBR, only there is no stage2 or menu.lst to read since the filesystem is gone.

Yes, agreed, but for all intensive purposes if he’s deleted stage2 (which is what I inferred), and doesn’t want to reinstall grub (as per my earlier suggestion), then he may as well reinstate windows MBR. I don’t think we should confuse him further.

I think he’s the adventurous type as he tried Linux and also asked what a MBR is. In any case, it’s everybody’s right to get as confused as they like. :slight_smile:

PS: It’s “intents and purposes” not “intensive purposes”. There’s a story about how these double barreled legal terms arose, they usually go back to the Norman invasion of England.

PS: It’s “intents and purposes” not “intensive purposes”. There’s a story about how these double barreled legal terms arose, they usually go back to the Norman invasion of England.

English might be my first (and only) language, but it wasn’t my first subject :smiley:

I downloaded the UBCD and started looking at the “how to build” section. It says to get an XP CD, put its’ files in a folder, then build the UBCD files into that same folder… but I want to use this on a Vista OS… Do I follow these instructions? If so, can I download the XP CD somewhere?

I don’t understand why I would use XP CD files for my Vista. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read up on MBR and what it does, and yes, re-instation of my Windows MBR would be great…I just don’t know if I’m going about it the best way right now. :stuck_out_tongue: (refer to previous post) I’ve been finding that boot CD’s for Vista don’t really seem to exist. I’ve found this Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files , but I don’t know if that will do my any good.

I you’re on openSUSE right now, you can try that:
start YasT
System -> Bootloader -> Boot Loader Installation
[x] Boot from Root Partition
[x] Custom Partition (any Linux partition or the Extended partition)
Click on “Boot Loader Options”
[x] Write generic Boot Code to MBR

and reboot Windows ! :wink:

I’m not using Windows but logically speaking … it should work. :\

I also wonder if it would work if you don’t reinstall Grub at all but just check :
[x] Write generic Boot Code to MBR
Maybe you should try that first. If it works, that would be an easy way to restore a Windows MBR (which is just a generic MBR).

The boot flag must be on the partition to boot for the generic MBR code to work. So you may need to set the boot flag with some partitioning software.

Yes that’s true. You can use fdisk under openSUSE as described in this post: Help booting Win XP

or rather in this one: post #35.