I've been away, but now I'm back.

I’ve been away to the wilds of LinuxMint for about 6 months or so; but was curious to try out the new version of openSuse. This is because I have a very sweet spot for this distro. I love Yast and the power it provides. I love the community and the warmth I feel. I love the fact that it is so stable.:slight_smile:

I installed today and I couldn’t believe it. For the first time ever I didn’t have to change any setting in the partition manager and I’ve got a complicated setup! It also was a very fast install. Then to my amazement after enabling the Nvidia repo, it Yast installed the proprietary driver… no mucking around here! And I have firefox 4 which although beta is really stable. Amarok is a leap and a bound better. I have Libreoffice out of the box :slight_smile: . This is a seriously good release and I’m so glad I had the curiosity of a cat :smiley:

I had issues with Pulseaudio not working but then I always seem to apart from LinuxMint KDE 9. But will I go back? Hell no!!!

Welcome back Penguinclaw and happy to hear of your successes with openSUSE 11.4. Of course we are here to help and if you do need help, you only need to ask.

Thank You,

I’m coming back from Chakraland… I spent there just a few weeks,
though. YaST (more exactly: rpm) killed itself and left me without a
chance to repair the system.

It’s good to welcome Geeko again in the bottom left corner.

I returned to Opensuse from the land of Debian-Ubuntu, its good to be back, and WELCOME BACK !


Welcome back!

I decided to try openSUSE after Red Hat changed to Fedora. Haven’t looked at anything else since.

Welcome back Penguinclaw!

Thanks guys I feel the community warmth!!! I had to reinstall today as I had mucked up sound and it didn’t work on reboot, but now everything sorted! And I tell you what it’s so refreshing to use openSuse, there is so much thought put into the release that old timers probably don’t properly realise!!! Thanks for your warm welcome!!!

Mint is a nice distro so we have much to live up to. I have used it myself and my Son does too.
Good to hear that you are not afraid to get stuck in.

I have to agree, Mint is nice. In fact my wife and two children use it. It’s a great improvement over the Ubuntu basis and I think things will become very interesting soon as Ubuntu move away from Gnome… I think Mint’s move to having a direct debian based system states where it is going… But then I could be wrong :smiley: I do find Mint a great distro , but not really quite there for me and I ALWAYS find myself drifting back to the greatest… Suse. As you guy’s can probably guess I think this release is the best ever :slight_smile:

It’s funny how things go. I have been installing Win XP on my son’s pc to boot alongside openSuse. Unfortunately the software that the “Education Authority” provides only works with Windows. The same applies to the software that came with his Fender amp… So on it went. Of course, as this was a second-hand pc with no install cd’s, I had to rummage around in side the case noting motherboard manufacturer, model number and which socket the cpu uses (I’m not that proficient with the identification of old AMD boards…). I then had to battle with AMD’s driver wizard until yes I could download the needed drivers… Of course on my trusty Linux box! Once installed, the horrible business of installing the updates and rebooting began… Any way to cut this short the upshot was that when my 16 year old son saw for himself how **** Windows really is (I still haven’t finished…) he is now going to Facebook his friends about the merits of Linux and complain to his school that they don’t offer Linux training; as well as compatible disks. He hasn’t witnessed the security nightmare yet, so I’m sure he’s going to be even more pro Linux after those nasty scans, updating everything separately, defragging… If only every-one learnt Linux first then moved to Windows! Actually I don’t think they’d bother!

Oh and by the way, openSuse 11.4 installed without a single issue :slight_smile:

Installing windows from scratch (non-oem) is often a long winded affair.

That’s being kind :wink: