It's the creepy October screenshot contest!

Fall foliage! Octoberfest! Pumpkins! Beer! What more could one want?!
Screenshots, of course!

Show us some of your best screenshots! None are too weird, wacky, bland or blank! It could be holiday themed or have nothing to do with anything! And if it is NSFW then mention that and post and provide a link only, please (I check this out at work and really don’t want to have to explain anything to my boss… ;))

Please include information in your post as well; version, desktop environment version, icons, themes, etc.

And you may just win an award!.. lol!

So time to have a lot of fun!

I want to share my desktop, (out of the contest)
Tumbleweed + Plasma
A few widgets for uptime in the desktop, and temperature and wheather in panel…

Link at susepaste:

My desktop (out of the contest), openSUSE 13.2 KDE, not too much tweaking.

@kdemello: I like the wallpaper… and a couple of questions:

  • uptime= 6 days?
  • RAM 15 Gb??

You really have an awesome machine! :wink:

I only want to share the desktop (really simple one) cause Oktoberfest way mentioned lol!
(TW + Plasma 5.4)

6 days (9 now) ago the 4.2.3 kernel was released. Uptime would be longer, but I actually have to reboot into new kernels.

I have 2 virtual machines running, which explains the memory usage. 8GB for a windows7 machine, and 4 GB for an openSUSE 13.1 instance.

Background is the Veil nebula, taken by Hubble.

My Tumbleweed Plasma 5 Desktop with a little customization, hope you like it!:slight_smile:](](](

Tumbleweed + Gnome
Wallpaper made with GIMP + Xenlism Wildfire icons

openSUSE 13.2
MATE Desktop 1.8.1

Six days of uptime is pretty easy. Personally, my machines are never ever turned off, and are running 24/7. As for the RAM, I have 32GB of RAM on my gaming rig, a high end desktop (yes I use Linux for hardcore gaming, I’m primarily a gamer first and choose Linux do it) (wife bought me a 32GB upgrade from 16GB fro my birthday). RAM is certainly needed these days. Tho I wish she would buy me more hard drives, I have 42TB but she said no more :frowning:

jealous :slight_smile:
My biggest rig has 6 GB of RAM and I have a 256GB SSD that is over half-filled up! Those aren’t even the machines I play games in, either!

Great screenshots!! rotfl!

Remember that 25th it’s the final date to submit yours (this month! :wink: ), after that will be time to vote for the best option…
(I have my favourite one! )

Just sneaking in…
Enjoying the autumn here, and I think my wallpaper reflects that :slight_smile:


Here’s what I got!

Running openSUSE with openbox, some utilities being URxvt for the TE, lemonbar for the bar, and cmus for the music player. My screenfetch is extrememly outdated and has a few broken componets, so don’t rely on information from it.


Hello opensuse forums, here is my spooky Halloween themed desktop.
It’s openbox with my own theme and colourscheme as seen here
I forget what the font I used though.
The music player is ncmpcpp

messed around with graphics drivers

can’t take screenshot since it only turns out normal




hey! Great screenshots!! rotfl!

Now it’s time to vote for your favorite one!!
All of them are great options!! :wink:

Here’s the link (share in social media):

Saturday 31st it’s the final day!

As always… Have a lot of fun!

Amazing wallpaper! Where can i find this one? lol!