Its going to be HELP Section, is it?

General Chit-Chat A friendly place to converse about your adventures with openSUSE, your weekend, your boss, your new car, and generally stuff that doesn’t fit somewhere else (and we must ask: PLEASE do not post help questions here)

I saw a lot of threads here asking for help.
To Thread Starters: Please read the description of every forum and then post. It will make it easier for all of you to get help on time.

Windows 7 - openSUSE Forums

Font Question - openSUSE Forums

Booting different hard drives, - openSUSE Forums
many more …

Well considering these posts are made by newer users I could understand why some of them might post in the wrong forum.
When you are new to linux it can be confusing, we were all newcomers at one time and having to use a forum to ask for questions is especially intimidating.
Or sometimes you are uncertain about what category to put your question in so maybe the general chit chat section might be appealing to a wet behind the ears newb.
Hey the mods can always move the topics, that is part of their job you know.

I agree with Tara here.

When we (and same for you mmarif4u) see that someone makes his/her post #1 in the wrong session, you can politely tell him that he will most probably get a better answer on subforum X, to be found further down the list. And one can allways ask a mod to move the thread (may take some time, mods do need sleep also :wink: ).

Agree with you guys, as they are new users to forum, so general chit-chat is a place to stop by.
But IMVHO there are description for each forum, which describes it well what to post and about what.

OR maybe a Notice on the main page at the top linking to a detail thread, where to post and how to use this forum. Just an idea.
This will reduce the work load on the mods and other users reporting it too.

Yes, but when they are ignored? That is it! People simply refuse to read.

General Chit-Chat is below/after all the important ones. Do these people read from bottom to top? I remember some regular contributer here at some time to ask somebody why he had posted in the wrong forum. He added this was not to blame him, but to find out out how the forum could be presented better. He had to ask twice! And then he got some shoulder shuddering answer from the OP: he had just taken one.

Even the gods …

And it is the fate of the mods to try to minimise this >:(

Can understand newbies not thinking as they post questions, and the best thing to do is inform a moderator I guess.

Hey Moderator, this post (Its going to be HELP Section, is it? - openSUSE Forums) is in the wrong place. Can you please fix it?

Or the moderators could make the “report” button purpose to include informing them it is in the wrong place. Right now is says

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Can’t get much easier than reading a post, click “Report” and say “This post is in the wrong place.”, but right now I don’t know if it brings down the god’s (mod’s) wrath or not.

Those who did report these sorts of things did not get anybody’s wrath. Mostly the mods either moved the thread with a polite post to the OP or at least made a post with a, hopefull again polite, message to the OP.

In fact the mods are having a discussion about the fact of the growing number of “asking for help in the forum that says it is not for help” cases. And any help from other members, either by reporting them or by giving hints how we can avoid them are appreciated.

It’s one of those things were the Mods can’t be everywhere at once, so by us “patrolling” and reporting what we find, we’re helping to maintain the quality of the forums.

Hey, can we get a badge too? rotfl!

You will be promoted to “Wise penguin” in due time!