Italian suse comunity and linux day

aaaaaaaaaah what a pity!!!
La » Homepage (kataweb) talks about linux day and shows up major distributions… without including opensuse!!!

Linux Day, ecco le distribuzioni - I-Tech - Kataweb - Soluzioni quotidiane

that’s a real pain

Unfortunately Novell’s marketing efforts are pretty poor especially in Europe so they get very little space on publications.

Don’t worry! During the LinuxDay, here in Rome, we (me, openSUSE Wiki Translator and Mariano Italian openSUSE Ambassador) have distribuited about one hundred DVDs, we helped many users installing openSUSE 11.1, and we gave general information and technical support to all user that asked for.

Mariano have done also an half-hour talk about openSUSE desktop in enterprise environment. I’m sorry to not have made a video about.

… and now, here i have the latest 11 DVDs of openSUSE 11.1 and i’m going to distribute them to my friends.


A friend of mine, that lives in Italy, said that he, and some of his friends, tried to install Opensuse then they all got upset because nobody was able to figure out how to add repositories… lol. So they all got upset and switched to a distro (that I had never heard) named Ansur.
Looks like Italians for some reasons do not get along with Opensuse lol…
I lived in Italy 24 years and I recall Opensuse was the OS installed on the machines at the University. I heard soooo many times people yelling at them, saying they wanted Windows, Debian, Ubuntu etc etc. I never figured why exactly :slight_smile:
Really I don’t know why Italians do not like Opensuse, but I also noticed Chinese people do not like it either (there are many many Chinese people here in California and in my Computer Science department, and yet I have not seen one using Opensuse)… mistery :slight_smile:

Here in Italy it’s more famous Ubuntu, so many people ask for it. The target of openSUSE Community is to convince this people who use Windows or other distribution that openSUSE Linux is better. :wink:

I simply don’t understand what_is_so good about Ubuntu (the one you’re bound to run into a good review of if you spend some time browsing the Web) that makes it ‘better’ than other distros. People say ‘Ubuntu is the only distribution suitable for users new to Linux who want to get their feet wet with it.’
That, I think, is completely a misconception. I never ever used Ubuntu (Fedora was, and still is, my distro, although I plan switching to openSUSE 11.2 soon), and I had hardly any trouble in installing and configuring the system, and running my programs, installing software packages etc. and I hadn’t even ‘got my feet wet with Linux’ before that (all I did was read some installation/configuration online guides, which are necessary if you don’t know a thing about Linux) So that’s the end of the conception that Ubuntu is best for newbie-friendliness. I get quite angry when reviews pop up about how great Ubuntu is and how “it’s as sleek as Windows and Mac” with not a mention of other distros.

@morphy76: openSUSE cannot be expected to be popular everywhere. I like it, but people somewhere else may have different tastes and preferences, so that’s why openSUSE isn’t mentioned in your link. Don’t worry: openSUSE is no minor distro. It’s among the top ones and most popular ones. (It still has quite a way to go to become equal in popularity to Ubuntu, though >:()

I don’t know… with openSUSE i have a nice graphic boot, an usefull desktop environment integrated control panel (YaST) which can manage every part of my system, a revolutionary package manager (Zypper), all packages optimized for my platform, all drivers needed, support for all development tools (Netbeans, Monodevelop, Eclipse, KDevelop…)… i admit that openSUSE 11.1 boot is a bit slower than Ubuntu’s one… what else?

latest rank about linux users has opensuse as third place… that’s why i cannot understand the reason that the press haven’t mentioned it… that’s all… umpf…

Probably just a lazy author of that report, maybe he/she did not know Opensuse at all and didn’t bother to check out information about it and include it :slight_smile:

Or… maybe whoever did the whole thing got some bribes from Ubuntu not to include Opensuse!! That would be far from surprising me lol

No, here in Italy the journalists are all just ignorant in informatics (with some exception obviously).