It is time to get best Graphic card out there?

Its not that clear IMHO. It is true that ATI are purportedly making more efforts to open up their code in some areas.

However, when it comes to playing HD video, nVidia have created drivers for vdpau (the Linux equivalent of Pure Video) and nVidia are working with developers to provide hooks in which the dev’s can ensure the Linux applications can take advantage of vdpau, and decode H.264, MPEG and VC-1 (WMV’s). As a result, very recently, PCs with specific nVidia cards can play back the highest quality HD video, while PCs with ATI cards can not. So while ATI have made some progress with Linux use of avivo (purportedly the ATI equiv to Pure Video) they have not to date worked to provide information as to how this can be accessed by the Linux community (or so I am told).

Which means if one wishes to play back HD video on one’s PC, ATI is a poor choice, and nVidia is a superior choice.

wrt games, and 3D, I suspect the playing field is more level.

But another consideration is nVidia have MAJOR quality problems with a very large number of their GPUs, and I’ve read nVidia have taken a massive charge (over a hundred million $$ ) to pay for the number of returned failed devices. So if one does get nVidia, register the hardware and keep the sales records, so one can return it if and when it fails.

Actually. it has to do with what you want to use the Graphic Card for, if you want to add to your quad-core CPU and 8 gig of ram - a fast graphic card, as I said an ATI Radeon is better than Nvidia as the latter don’t supply drivers for Linux, where ATI, do - and that’s important if you don’t want to scrabble around looking for approximate drivers on linux.

A fast card and the above can help if you want to put a virtual box on your PC - a virtual box allows you to put windows or another distro of linux or even a mac system on your virtual box and allows you to use it under the control of Suse rather than another noob system ;)!

Best of luck Mike!

Linuxfanatik rotfl!

Sigh! If you want the best for HD use, I guess it might be Nvidia - but my friend uses a 24 inch Monitor on his rig, with a negative resolution of 1920x1200. He had chose the XTX 8800GTX (NVIDIA) with 768mb of ram. This is because it’s frame rate is twenty per cent more frames per second (when playing games) than anything else on the market. This is said to be the market leader that has shot away faster than ATI but be warned Mike its expensive, and my friend is a Professional Computer Consultant and has his own Consultancy with a computer room that makes your hair stand on end - literally! Apart from his row of servers his personal ‘cluster’ blew me away as he showed off what a dual-in-pair of these graphic cards do on a 24 inch monitor in high colour using TV, Games, a Virtual rig, or fast moving objects such as motor racing! I kid you not…

But for the ordinary guy who has to cut his graphic card according to his salary, there’s always the mid-range models of Nvidia…

Best Wishes

linuxfanatik rotfl!

I use dual monitor and can handle 1900x1200 both of them no problem,could you please tell me your talking about (the model is it Ati) is expensive how much $2000?

Is one of u using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 that looks ok to me?

Owning both a Radeon HD 3200 (onboard) and NVIDIA 9600M GT(Laptop) I can tell you the NVIDIA drivers are much easier to install and perform better as well.

Being closed source isn’t necessarily a bad thing, ATI isn’t fully opensourced either… it can’t be even due to some licensed technologies that are used.
I also got a 8800GT in my desktop, which has been the ‘smoothest ride’ of all 3 cards. Unlike my 9600M GT it did not have slow downs with earlier versions of the kwin effects.

So from personal experience I’d say go with a midrange NVIDIA… and if money is no problem I’d say spend the money on a TV that doesn’t require a tv-out :wink:
HDMI all the way!

I talk to my supplier try to get NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 and if he get it,I will tell him to order it with only one 1.5T HD
with it after I order in one month the new motherboard with 8-10gb of ram.But I can`t wait untill next Monday:)

I`m really appreciate you for the tips;)

I phoned my supplier about NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 $650and I need a new power supply for my Nvidia plus 1.5t HD for 900canadian $ + tax and I`m half wayrotfl!