It is time to get best Graphic card out there?

First is good enough Nvidia 7100 series or should I`m get out there and puy a brand new graphic card Nvidia or ATI card.
Could please few of you tell me which Graphic card should I get,for me money it is nothing.



for me money it is nothing

That must be nice.

The latest and greatest may well give you more trouble than it’s worth.

Yes but okay which one don`t make any trouble could you please give few of them any one?:wink:

A good starting point whilst you wait for responses here is:
HCL/All Video Cards - openSUSE

see what users report there

I like that one GeForce 2 MX/MX400.

I use nVidia as in sig.
Generally the nVidia cards work well. But there are no guarantees - But at least in your case, money is no object.

Consider that in some instances it may be necessary to install the driver manually. Indeed - some consider this the best method anyway.

what is it about your current graphics card that you are unhappy with?
that is, what is it that you want to do but cannot?


I appreciate two of you to give me big help and I`m getting GeForce 2 MX/MX400 because it got TV-out put.

Solved happyly after wards :wink:

Thank youlol!



You want to look at the 8xxx or 9xxx series the have tv out in various
forms. My 8600 has composite and HDMI out (256MB version);

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1michael1 wrote:
> First is good enough Nvidia 7100 series or should I`m get out there and
> puy a brand new graphic card Nvidia or ATI card.
> Could please few of you tell me which Graphic card should I get,for me
> money it is nothing.

There’s pretty much nothing on Linux… even games… that requires
the very highest 3d card.

So… I don’t think I’d shoot for the very top… a good mid-range
card would be more than sufficient… or the bottom of the high-end
if you just have to have the fastest.

I really like the 7600GT… good performer… doesn’t require
additional power… the 8600GT is considerably SLOWER (at least
30%)… so you have to be careful with Nvidia now (their numbers
don’t mean anything anymore).

If you’re NOT doing MAJOR gaming on your Linux box (no Prey,
no HL2, etc.), then you do NOT need a high-end card and you
might not even want a mid-range card.

Even the Intel onboard GPU’s can do the fancy composite windowing

I think that ATI WILL become a good option eventually. If you
don’t need 3d, it may already be a good alternative. Otherwise,
I’d wait a bit before going for an ATI card.

Nvidia cards have the downside that they really love having
the Nvidia proprietary driver.

I probably didn’t help much in the decision making process…


Some spot on advice there. I agree fully.

Yes the 7600GT is really good i have a silent version great for my home studio :slight_smile:


Yes, there is nothing worse than a GPU fan going at it, esp when it’s not needed. My 8500GT came with a fan, now removed and in place a heatsink which just fine even under load. I do have a good case fan near it though.

Talking about MX400 ? That’s years ago. If you want real power, and proper driver support, just don’t buy the latest and greatest, but get an NVidia from the 8000 of 9000 series.

I think I had a geforce 2 back in 2001. rotfl!

Get at least a Geforce 9xxx and if money is no object I would get a Geforce GTX 2xx.
But like cjcox said you don’t really need a fancy 3d card unless you do gaming.

Just make sure you have a PCI-Express slot but if money is no object I am sure you have upgraded the rest of your pc as well.

All my Nvidia cards worked with the nvidia driver. Just add the nvidia repo before you install the card and do a system update after the card is in. This should install the correct driver (did for me anyways :))

I’m researching graphic cards now, trying to pick one for the new PC I plan to purchase. Given how little I know about graphic cards, its been a large up hill climb, in terms of learning.

I did discover one interesting tidbit …

First, some background information … Finding a graphic card that supports the applications that I run is very important to me. I do not play high video performance games, but I do do a lot of video editing. Purportedly the latest nVidia cards (and latest nVidia driver) coupled with the latest ffmpeg and mplayer svn releases support vdpau (the Linux implementation of PureVideo for Windows PCs).

It turns out there are 3 Pure video implementations, unnofficially referred to as VP1 (1st generation), VP2 (2nd generation) and VP3 (3rd generation). The 3rd generation purportedly has an advantage over the 2nd generation in that it decodes VC-1 better than VP2 and also has minor improvements in MPEG2 decoding. H264 between VP2 and VP3 are purportedly the same.

From what I can find, only the G98 GPU in nVidia cards supports VP3, which ironically means the inexpensive nVidia 8400 GS cards (such as the Asus EN8400ES Silent/HTP/512M card with the G98 GPU) have better support for VC-1 and MPEG2 than the more expensive nVidia 9800GTX+ 512MB cards (which only have the G92/94 GPU). … I noted this when I looked at the VDPAU support lists for nVidia and then after surfing a very long mplayer vdpau thread on the nVidia site, I found a number of posts which confirmed this. … Now this is only for vdapu specifc aspects, and I suspect a card like the 9800 GTX+ is superior to the 8400GS in many other areas. …

But for a person interesting in NLE (non linear video editing) it does give me food for thought, that a 40 euro 8400GS card could have superior NLE support to a 120 euro 9800 GTX+ card …

But I’m still researching this, and my perspective could change tomorrow.

Its been a big up hill climb trying to learn this.


nice of have few money to spend on it and your going with your Family to GERMANY hey I love to meet you with my Family but Im just make it. Dont spend your money to get graphic card in Germany because in Canada for your money you go far,special now.
do not listen what people saying,you work hard thats the key;).

Good luck


This has me thinking it may be worth while adding an 8400GS PCI graphic card to my 5+ year old 32-bit athlon-2800+ pc (that old PC has no support for the PCI-e bus).

I note there are a few suppliers (PNY, BGV, EVGA, and Sparkle) of PCI (not PCI-e) Nvidia 8400GS cards, for those users whose old PCs do not have PCI-e slots. If one picks such a card with a 567MHz Core freq, the odds are it has a VP3 GPU (ie G98) which means it supports VDPAU. As noted, there are significant developments going on with VDPAU, off loading from the CPU the video decoding and post processing to the GPU. Hence that could add/give some extra life (for smooth play back of HD videos) to older PCs. Presumably one would need a 256MB or 512MB card, so as to minimize traffic on the PCI bus (I’m just guessing / speculating here).

Granted such a card is limited by the PCI bandwidth, but it would have significantly superior performance to my on motherboard nVidia FX5200 graphics.

It has me tempted.

My motherboard is MSI VIA P4M890/900M2 does it ring to you and I like to get a card that can handle 3D image for suse the top of the line.
No matter for me it should recognize suse with lots of memory,please can few of you give me hand:.



Michael. Get an ATI Radeon (the latest if possible) as this card is open to Linux code - Nvidia isn’t! If you want to see cube’s turning pn your screen using the special affects, the ATI card will enable you to do it!

Good Luck!

linuxfanatik lol!