It is possible to install Open SUSE 13.2 in SOC devices ?


The company I work uses Open SUSE on desktop computers and servers. We have programs we developed to us.
We want to buy some tablets to the external services people and I want to install Linux on this tablets.

I need to know if it is possible to install OpenSUSE and what brand of tablet is better to this purpose.



Linux on tablets at present seems to be difficult. For different reasons.

Did you search the internet for ‘linux tablet’?

openSUSE on a tablet - my guess would be that you should wait for 2-3 years.

Couldn’t your ‘external services people’ use laptops?
That would make things much easier!

Good luck

Thanks for the answer. I think the best way to deal with this question for now will be provide them small laptops running Linux.

We consider to write some programs for android using Ministro and QT (all of our programs use QT) but the data base connection and some other things will take a lot of time.

The best way will be using Linux laptops !

Depending on the laptop, it may pose similar problems (the current line of low end laptops including the Chromebook) running on ARM.

Probably a good place to start for tablets, smartphones and low end notebooks is the currently supported “openSUSE on ARM” HCL.

You’ll still be on the bleeding edge because deploying on ARM is not yet commonplace, but it should be doable. Just research first and probably buy only one yet for deployment testing first.

BTW - These are very different than “SOC” (System on Chip). Those typically are extremely limited and more than likely the only OS you’d be able to deploy is one provided by the chip manufacturer.


Thanks a lot for the explanation, I have a Raspberry Pi running Debian. I will make a research !