It is early to tell about OPENSUSE 12.0 can compete Win7

Hi everyone,

it is to early to talk about the new SUSE 12.0.
I look into OpenSUSE from beginning of 10.2 to 11.1 all of you whow great openSUSE did very,very good job,but now Microsoft:
Microsoft great nothing copy from Linux may from (openSUSE…).
Im proud I am a GERMAN and can use OpenSUSE any version with no problem,ahh few of them. My real question is and I know Novell doing very good job Im very rotfl!rotfl! of it.(;?))

Will SUSE 12.0 far more better then WIN7?

Thank you for your comment


I’ll be happy if 12.0 is better than 11.1. lol!

I dont hope so look SUSE 10.2 and 11.1 hmmm ;) big different so I cant wait till (the new SUSE 12.0 coming out) :shake:it will available .

Mein Vater Land BRD rotfl!

let’s talk about 12.0 again in 2 years, then it will have a chance to exists in the first place.

read:there are no plans whatsoever to release 12.0 at anytime soon.

:sarcastic: Please, don t make us affraid of it…

Something would have really gone wrong if it wasn’t even in some small way.


Now I now when is coming out the new opensuse 11.2 all the way 12.0
bet.2009- 2012/13.
Please is it possible have a few pictures how it looks like it Hmmmm;)lol!