It displays the wrong graphic card

If I look under YaST/Hardware/Graphics Card and Monitor it says that my card is a VESA Framebuffer Graphics but I have an ASUS Geforce 9400GT 512MB 1080p. I haven’t installed any drivers or anything. I just plugged it in and then I re installed openSUSE 11.1. So how do fix this? Do I have to fix this before I get my drivers? Do I have to get drivers? How do I get the drivers?

Also are you supposed to see the clear lines where the different shades(thanks Google translate) of green meet in the default dashboard background? My suspicions are that something is wrong here.

Hi. There’s nothing wrong with Vesa. That’s normal as long as you haven’t installed the Nvidia drivers. When you type “hwinfo --gfxcard” you’ll see all the details of your card. I bet it’s properly recognized. For the Nvidia drivers go to NVIDIA - openSUSE and choose the right one. I think it’s the green one on top. Good luck!

All the lines that wasn’t supposed to be there disappeared but it still says that I have that VESA thing. But thank you for helping me so far. :wink:

Good, at least the lines disappeared. Once you’ve installed the Nvidia driver it should be autoconfigured. And it should show up as NVIDIA bla in Yast.
To make sure your driver runs properly try glxgears from the commandline. You should get lots of frames per second with the nvidia driver - here it’s 1400 FPS.
If you have a low framerate there might be something wrong. See which driver you are using, nvidia or nv, and if it’s nv try to reconfigure X. Just type “sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia”. Regards…

I got 4200 frames per second. What do I do then?

Hmm, I’d say everything is fine then. Your framerate is impressive! When everything works as it should and “hwinfo --gfxcard” shows the right card and driver, I’d just ignore Yast’s output.