issues with policykit


I am having a lot of issues with policykit.
It is requesting me for authentication every time I want to mount a usb key or suspend.

The latter is very annoying, because it logs me out and stays on.
I have to log in back, authenticate against policykit and only then it suspends… leaving the computer suspended without any password protection !

Whatever I set, it still asks me for a password even whith theses settings :

% polkit-auth

I also tried to set “console active” to YES but it seems to be just ignored.

I opened a bug but no news so far (

What’s weired is that I have a vmware also running 11.2, and there is no problem.

I compared every single config file, even using md5, of dbus and policikit, checked the user groups and found no difference.

Any idea here ? Or maybe more users having such issues ?

It looks like almost the same as I encountered on my opensuse 11.2 rc2 installation. (first time attempt installing on the hard drive with kde 4.3 live cd) I can’t mount/umount cdrom, usb drive, and same with suspend etc. I fiddled around to find what’s causing it. I tried adding xfce 4.6.1 to compare installing also ivman and enabling it didn’t work. But going into the kde 4.3 systemsettings-advance-system-policykit authorization-org.freedesktop-hal and giving authorization to my user ‘conram’ I was able to solve the problem. It’s all working now. It didn’t came to mind as a bug, rather a new feature also I was able to solve it so too late for me to substantiate my experience.

Please if that work for you do post back here or maybe do post to the bugzilla for a feedback.

No issues here. Did you try creating a new user, and see if the erroneous behaviour is the same when logged in as the new user?

Yes, I also tried it and same problems…

I am using Gnome, but I tried pretty the same by granting every thing to my user with polkit-gnome-authorization.
The setting have effect on, for instance, setting the screen brightness, but it seems to be ignored for every thing concerning suspend and disks.

I found a solution !

In Yast, I went to the security settings tool and “predifined security parameter”.

There, “personalized parameters” was checked. I checked private desktop and applied it… and now everything works fine !

I may translate incorrectly from French, but I think you can find it easily.

In a way I am not really satisfied though, as I still have no idea of what went wrong and how.