Issues with NTFS-3G

Im trying to download av backup of Xen Virtual Servers from a SLES10-SP1
I use FileZilla 3.0.3 and download over SFTP.
The backup is put directly to an external USB Harddrive formated with NTFS.

The problem is that the two Xen diskimage-files(10Gb and 15GB) is downloaded but continue to grow until the whole disk was full. Both files then become over 35GB each when the disk become full.

Normal use of normal files seems to work as normal. It seems that large files cause a problem.

Client: OpenSUSE 11.2 64bits KDE 4.3.5

When you are not using non-linux file systems for interfacing with other types of OSs (in this case NTFS for interfacing with Windows), do not use them. Linux does not have it’s native file systems for nothing. The software that makes it possible to use NTFS on Linux can not change NTFS into a file system that by magic has all the facilities a Linux fs has.

Thus either format that disk/partitions with ext3/ext4 or download directly on the target Windows system.