Issues with Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6 AMD GPU and dynamic mode

Hi all.
Long time openSUSE user (since 2011), still having trouble fixing the issues with my latest Legion.

In dedicated graphics everything works smoothly, however because I have to work off grid for a few hours each day I must reserve as much battery as I can. Hence I tried to go to dynamic mode.

Request: Be able to work with Nvidia dedicated graphics throughout the day (necessary due to external usb-c monitor attached). Once off site and off grid, switch to amdgpu and switch off nvidia to conserve battery.
This is essential to happen without reboot / logout (so prime cannot be used)


  1. When in dynamic mode not all keys work as expected (eg. Super key does not work and pressing it prints out character)
  2. When in dynamic mode brightness doesn’t work. The value in /sys/proc changes when pressing the buttons but screen brightness is at 100%.

Things I tried:
For 1. Nothing as it is far more important to fix 2.
For 2.:
Amdgpu.backlight=0 kernel parameter. Does not work and the parameter although passed during boot is not visible in /sys/proc/kernel
Video.backlight=[native,vendor]. Neither works, same as above

Tried all possible combos of the above and nothing works. From what I found searching 5.14 made amdgpu.backlight obsolete and issue was fixed upstream but this isn’t the case.

With dedicated graphics I get ~3 hours of battery but I think with Nvidia disable I could get roughly one more.
Any pointers anyone?

System: Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6, nvidia 3050 mobile (proprietary drivers), openSUSE 15.4, kernel latest distribution update (I think 5.14)