Issues with installing

Hello everyone,please excuse me for possible wrong text design or bad issue description…

So, I decided to get OpenSuse Tubmleweed dualbooted with Windows 10 on my ROG Strix G15 laptop, and when I try to install it from live-usb, it just stucks on the ‘Initializing Network Configuration’ in the installation GUI.

It shows that it’s 100% completed, but it doesn’t go further and the mouse cursor has a loading circle which means that something is trying to load obviously. I can’t press anything, all I can do is to power off the laptop. What can it be? Can it be connected with that fact that I’ve tried different distros before (also dualbooted), and somehow I’ve deleted them in wrong way, or what if there are problem with incorrect creating of bootable usb?

Thank you in advance.

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