Issues (real or imagined) with Clonezilla and BTRFS

I noted serious, repeat Cinnamon desktop hangs in a past thread*, and almost threw in the towel on Tumbleweed-with-Cinnamon. I then decided to install the distro with ext4 (and Cinnamon), and haven’t had significant problems since.

I wonder if the use of the BTRFS file system with the Clonezilla disk imaging program might have been the problem, as I experienced the hangs only after restoring a disk image with Clonezilla.

Other users have reported Clonezilla issues with BTRFS**, but I had believed that the problem had been fixed in a later Clonezilla version. Now, I wonder: I had serious problems before, did nothing besides change file systems, haven’t had problems with restored images since.

I’d like to hear feedback from other Clonezilla users.