issues loggin in after an update

New to Opensuse, I’m having a problem logging in to my install. I get the login screen, but when I put in the password and user name it kicks back to the login page. I can log into the console, but not my desktop.

System info:
Kernal: 501602-1 Bits 64
Distro: Tumbleweed 20220126
CPU: Ryzen 7 1008x
Graphics Card: Radeon RX 5600

Added info:
I’m running KDE

I don’t know if I did that right, I following another post’s example.

Those URLs show your upload already expired. Use man susepaste to see how to use the -e option to set an appropriate expiration time for your upload and try again.

I don’t know what your problem could be, but you might try a switch of login manager. Use this to try switching to see if it helps:

update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

You’re most likely having trouble with SDDM, so a switch to LightDM might be a solution. If both SDDM and LightDM don’t show up running that command, you’d need to install the other and try again. Ctrl-Alt-F3 should get you to a login prompt where you can run that command as root login or using sudo.

I figured out how to switch to lightdm, that worked. I don’t like it -ugly- but it works. Its not a biggie, I usually use arch, just giving tumbleweed a go.

zypper se -s sddm will show SDDM version(s) available. Check in a week or three to see if the version has incremented from what you have now. When it has, try switching back. If you switch back and it still isn’t working, report back here and/or report a bug on

Most of my installations are using KDM3 or TDM, without any theme applied. I customize them to my liking via their respective kdmrc or tdmrc. KDM3 is from the KDE3 repo. TDM is from the Trinity Desktop Environment project’s repos. I have very few using LightDM or SDDM, so don’t know much about their foibles.

Ok, thanks