Issues connecting SMB Printers 11.0 x86_64

I am in the middle of a clean install of 11.0 on a very recent AMD Athalon, ASUS MB. Ran 10.3 very well so don’t anticipate hardware issues.
Running KDE4

Attempting to connect to two HP printers via SMB printing to Windows based server (HP1100A and 1220C). Samba installed and seems fine for file sharing to that Windows machine. Connections to these printers under 10.3 (also x64) worked fine.

Using YAST to set up the printers. Process identifying the printers works, the SMB connectivity check returns Good result. After choosing the driver in the printer set up menu, running a “Print Test Page” fails. Watching the Windows machine - nothing makes it to the print spooler.

Another strange observation, after I exit the printer setup to work on unrelated(?) issues, I reopen the printer set up menu and none of my prior set-ups are shown. It feels like there is a permissions issue, where YAST can’d write or read the printer config file being built by the menu editor.

I have already updated to the latest HPILP distro at HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP), no help.

Suggestions/thoughts/fixes welcome

Why don’t you PM Swerdna and ask him to respond to your post. Swerdna is the duty expert with regards to SMB & server issues; he can help:)

I am headed off to holiday away from keyboard , will pick this up in July.

Perhaps a related symptom(?): SWAT also acting strange.
Opened OK, entered Global parameters. User Password entry did not seem to work but console smbpasswd did. Parameters did appear entered in samba config file. However, reopening SWAT - nothing displayed (not reading the config file?).
Samba working OK after the above.

And, what does it mean to PM someone?


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OK, I have sort of hacked my way to a resolution.
It does appear to me there is a bug in the new 11.0 printer setup under YAST.

If I start the Printer setup App under hardware, then select “add new queue, new queue, network printer, SMB printer” I get the connection screen where workgroup, hostname, remote queue, username and password are requested. The “test SMB Access” radio button reports Access OK

Clicking next provides opportunity to name the Queue
Clicking next again bring up the Print Queue Edit Dialog

Under the basic settings tab, I noticed that the “current connection” is shown as :
Comparing to my 10.3 install, it appears that the connection should be
I used the change connection button to edit in the host name
Test print now works and on exit the printer is accessible as a print option.

hostname not being properly inserted into connection string

I did switch to KDE3.5 from KDE 4, but don’t think that was the issue.
I headed in this direction when the cups error log at /var/log/cups was showing errors - bad network name or similar.

@cmcgrath5035: Very interesting.

I’ve bookmarked this page to later look at this for my own interest, but very busy next few weeks. Maybe you should make a bug report:
Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE