Issues after 8/7/19 update

I routinely run zypper dup when there are updates needed. Yesterday, I required 300+ updates and after they installed, I shut the computer down and restarted this morning. Several issues arose. The boot process would not finish. It stalled when it first began loading the desktop. I did a reboot and this time it finished normally. However, I had three issues.

First, I noticed latte dock was not working. The update shut off compositing. When I checked to restart, it said there was a driver issue with a gl-something file. I restarted compositing and rebooted and latte worked. I changed no files.

Second, the dock can’t find yast. I can find and run it from the start menu. Latte can’t run it because it says “unknown application folder.”

Third, and most confusing to me, after a reboot I get a message that some program needs access to one of my hard drives. This has never happened before. I blindly gave root permission to access to the drive, but I don’t know who was asking. Can I find out?