Issues after Kernel Update in Beta 5

Hi All,

Updated my kernel today. Baaaaad move. ATI Cadalyst 8.11 no longer works. Using Sax2 -r recognises my IGP ATI 3300 video, but the desktop is waaaay too big.

How can I reduce the size of my desktop so that it is not wider and deeper than the screen in KDE 4? Other than that, the kernel update went well…I think.:expressionless:

Also, are the Suse guys aware ATI’s driver’s don’t work in beta 5 with the new kernel?

Mike Doerner

PS This also affects the login screen, but not the splash screens displayed on boot/shutdown.

Solved it…

Apparently, the xorg.conf was updated to include the line “Virtual 3840 1200” in all display modes. Once I axe’d that I was able to use the Cadalyst 8.11 install. Life is peachy again…:slight_smile:

Mike Doerner

PS NTP doesn’t work on startup. No matter how many times I configure it in YAST, it is always unconfigured on the next startup.