I have problem with VMWARE WORKSTATION PRO and OPENSUSE LEAP 15.1 host. When I try to create VM (I need EVE NG for labing) option for enabling VT-X is grey (not accessible). When I install Windows 10 Home on the same machine ( for testing) this option is available. So, hardware is obviously not an issue. I tried to run Workstation as root - no success.

This option is needed for EVENG to run smoothly.

Can someone please help me with this - I am sure there is some catch to do, but dont know where and how.

Thanks in advance!

This is enabled in the system BIOS,
And can be called various things by different manufacturers… just look for any kind of setting that has “virtualization” in its name and that’s likely the setting.

This is pretty standard for all x64 systems sold since 2008 and available in many systems before then… beginning approx 2003.

If you still have problems (very unlikely),
You can verify support by querying your enabled proc features… If you need that, verify you’re running an Intel or AMD processor, the search string is different for each CPU manufacturer.


What kind of CPU you are using?

The option is available only with AMD processors.