issue with package search

So I have been finding software I would like to install on Search which is the package search. When I find something I want to install especially ones especially with the “1 click install” this is what I get, what do I do with this.

First, you should always tell which version of openSUSE you are using. We can not guess this.

You second link gives me a popup from Firefox that tells me that I have clicked on kazam.ymp, which is a YaST Meta Package and asks me what to do. One of the options is to open with YaST one-click install (standard). For me it looks logical to do when I should want I want it installed as one-click install.

What is your problem?

I think you are using chrome & co. Download that ymp and double click on that . YaST should open up. again you need to ensure that you are using the correct one click(must match openSUSE version)

Sigh. Nobody ever tells what they are using. And worse, they think that everybody in the world is doinf the same as they do and thus immediatly understand their problem without any documentation and/or further information… :frowning:

What will be a fair price for a used but still functioning crystal ball? I realy need one if I want to keep my good humour in these forums.

I see something similar to here

Whenever i can i read most of the “English” threads,680,783,668,669,670,671,672,673,674,675,676,677,919,934,664,665,666,679,678,807,692,799,798,683,685,686,687,794,836,689,690

Yes, I remember that other thrread. But as a non Chrome user, when the OP here just offers a link to the one-click install itself and does not show and not even tells what happens on his system when he clicks…

The jumps your brain have to make are not always obvious. :frowning:

It is the old one, I realy should refuse to answer to questions when the three main items defining a problem are not available:

  1. what did you do;
  2. what happened;
  3. what expected you to happen.
    In this case only 1) is a bit clear, the others are completely lost in what can only be described as a form of “it does not work”.

i agree 101% .

I do highly apologize, running openSUSE 12.3 KDE. As from what I read it seems to be Chrome. If I click on the “1 click install” it doesn’t even give me a option what to open it with it takes me to a website with all this crazy text. I even right clicked and could not find a option to download. It must be chrome, I didn’t even think to try FF, just did and I am able to download and install and work just fine.

I should have thought about this, there are just some sites Chrome never has worked for me and have had to use FF. Thanks everybody.

You are welcome.

But I hope next time you remember there are always several ways to do things in Unix/Linux and mostly a few of them are current amongst others. Never assume that everybody can see what you do. Or guess what you do. You should not have shown the link, but the result on your screen. Either by description, or by screenshot into susepaste.