Issue with Live USB drive


I created a live usb drive with the help of following wiki.

Live USB stick - openSUSE

But now I’m not able to use this drive as a normal usb stick. Every time I insert it, system shows me it as cdrom.

Please help me to revert it back as a normal USB drive.


You can simply go to YaST and use the partitioner there. Here is a screenshot that shows my live cd USB stick:](
In the lower right corner there is a button labeled “Expert”. If you click it there’ll be a menu point called “Create New Partition Table.” That will do what I think you ask for, i.e. revert the USB stick to a totally clean and pristine state.

But watch out that you do not accidentally do this to the wrong drive. :wink:

Or use dd

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/???

replace ??? with usb device id Eg; sdd

Are you trying to blank the usb stick or boot from it? You say it’s showing up as a cdrom, where is this, from bios or automount? If bios, you may need to change the bios settings. If it’s automount, please post the contents of /etc/fstab.

usb sticks that have been dd’ with a .iso do show as a cdrom, this is normal.

Thanks for that info Caf, I hadn’t done that before.:wink:

Thanks it works :slight_smile:

Thnaks it works :slight_smile: