Issue with Leap 15.4 and current Tumbleweed installed in VirtualBox

I’ve noticed that when I install either Leap 15.4 or the current equivalent of Tumbleweed within VirtualBox, I have no access to any of my USB devices. I can add those same devices to other VMs set up within VirtualBox.

Has anyone else seen this behavior exhibited before?

I wanted to ask on Oracle’s own forums (since this is their software) but they require you to set up a business account first.

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You did not provide any information about your Host OS and VB version in use. In VB prior version 7 you will need the Oracle Extension pack to use USB2/USB3.

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Host OS: Linux Mint 21
VB Version: 7.0.4

Install the Oracle Extension pack for 7.0.4 on your host to allow USB for the guests.

The Oracle Extension pack is not needed anymore sinve VB 7 for USB support. Beginning with VB 7 USB support is fully built in in the main application and the Oracle Extension pack only provides following additional functions:

  • VirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol (VRDP) support.
  • Host webcam passthrough.
  • Intel PXE boot ROM.
  • Disk image encryption with AES algorithm.
  • Cloud integration features

See official documentation:

It is supposed to be in there but I had to install the Extension Pack for 7.0.4 to make it work on my 7.0.4 VirtualBox openSUSE host - but it was from a saved state 6.1.40 updated guest. Per the Oracle Bugzilla - if the virtual machine is from a version that had Extension Pack.

My USB works on guests : Windows 10 and 11, Manjaro, Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE. All have USB 3.0 (xHCI) set in the VirtualBox GUI. If you did not set it in the GUI you will not have the hooks in the host for USB.

Did you have the old guest additions installed? Whose guest additions are installed on your guests? Oracle’s or openSUSE’s.

For opensuse you need these to be installed:
zypper se -si virtualbox
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…

S | Name | Type | Version | Arch | Repository
i+ | virtualbox-guest-tools | package | 7.0.4-lp154.2.20.2 | x86_64 | openSUSE-Leap-15.4-Update
i+ | virtualbox-kmp-default | package | 7.0.4_k5.14.21_150400.24.33-lp154.2.20.2 | x86_64 | openSUSE-Leap-15.4-Update

Those are the ones I maintain for openSUSE. if you use Oracle’s - you need to ask Oracle about the issue you have.

Difference between a bug and a feature is a feature is just “a bug with seniority”.

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Maybe also a look in the Mint Forum could be advisable if anybody else has seen this issue there…

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