Issue with KDE Auto-Login and pam_mount


I have having an issue with pam_mount and KDE Auto-Login as my volumes listed in /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml do not get mounted. If I logout via KDE and using the same user log back in via KDE or using the same user ssh to localhost or switch to a tty and log in, then the volumes are mounted. My guess is that Auto-Login bypasses some things or Auto-Login occurs before the network is up so pam_mount is never initiated. I do not see any errors in the logs or entries related to pam_mount.

My search queries are not helping me find anything and I do not see anything in the man pages that would help with this issue. This is likely because it’s a very specific circumstance, KDE Auto-Login and pam_mount as again pam_mount works fine if I log in via KDE with Auto-Login disabled or after if Auto-Login I log out and then back in or if I log in via ssh or if I switch to a console shell tty like tty1 and login.

Oh and before anyone comments on security issues with Auto-Login, I also have auto lock enabled. I have never seen an instance where someone can access my desktop before it locks. If I have someone that wants to gain access and is smart enough to bypass the auto lock to gain access, they would already have physical access to the box and could root the system. My point is that it is as secure as I need it to be for this location.

Thank you for you assistance,


BTW, I am running OpenSuSE 12.3 installed from the KDE live DVD and I have all updates installed. I am not pulling updates from Tumbleweed‎, Factory, etc.