Issue with Hardbrake 0.10.2 after some meida library update for Leap 42.1

Hi Guys,

I encounter “Could not guess output format mp4” when I try to convert my video from mkv to m4v format.
Can someone give me some advice on how to track down the offending library.

Extract from HandBrake log file

[07:39:11] reader: first SCR 0 id 0x0 DTS 0
[07:39:11] encx264: min-keyint: 24, keyint: 240
[07:39:11] encx264: encoding at constant RF 20.000000
[07:39:11] encx264: unparsed options: level=4.0:ref=1:8x8dct=0:weightp=1:subme=2:mixed-refs=0:trellis=0:vbv-bufsize=25000:vbv-maxrate=20000:rc-lookahead=10
x264 [info]: using SAR=1/1
x264 [info]: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2
x264 [info]: profile Main, level 4.0
[07:39:11] Could not guess output format mp4
[07:39:11] work: average encoding speed for job is 0.000000 fps
[07:39:11] sync: got 0 frames, 59159 expected
[07:39:11] render: lost time: 0 (0 frames)
[07:39:11] render: gained time: 0 (0 frames) (0 not accounted for)
[07:39:11] h264-decoder done: 0 frames, 0 decoder errors, 0 drops
[07:39:11] reader: done. 1 scr changes
[07:39:11] libhb: work result = 3

Changed all FFmpeg related app and libraries to use Packman-Essentials repository. Hence version 2.8.4-49.1-x86_64 instead of openSUSE 2.8.4-9.1-x86_64

Confirmed, except versions are now 2.8.6-55.1-x86_64 versus 2.8.512.1-x86_64, so the issue is still not fixed.