Issue with Google Earth and Wine

Hi to all,
I have an issue using Google Earth with wine.
I know here is an Linux version of Google Earth, but I will use Google Earth with Picasa for Geotagging and this is not supported by the the Linux version.
Other program like Picasa works fine with wine. I think, also the ATI driver is OK, fgl_glxgears is working fine.

I don’t know if this is an issue with Google Earth, Wine or the Graphic Engine.

I installed Google Earth like explained on site:
Google Earth 4.3 beta running in Wine | Wine Reviews

If I start GE in openGL mode and Wine emulates a virtual desktop (1024x768), then the “Earth window” is black and empty, but I see the Earth beside my wine Window on the desktop. Looks like the program is working, I can zoom in/out, move, ….
I have a screen shot, but I don’t know how to add. :frowning:

If I start GE in DirectX mode or without a emulated of a virtual wine desktop, then the “Earth window” is also black and empty but the Earth is not visible. (beside the wine window)

Before I switched to the new ATI Catalyst Driver 8.11, the desktop was complete cloudy (nothing to see) when I started GE with Wine.
What can I do to have the Earth in the correct window?

Thank you!

I’m using:
OpenSuse 11.0
Wine 1.1.9
Google Earth 4.3 Beta, OpenGL Mode
ATI, Catalyst driver 8.11, ATI Xpress X1250