Issue with Amarok analyzer display

Hi all,

I have noticed that display of blocky type in analyzer in amarok (default analyzer type) has gone blank for the past few days after some system updates. Not sure after which package update/install this has happened. Though remaining two types of display analyzer i.e. Balls & Disco work fine. Any suggestions as to what would have caused this?

BTW I use 13.1 KDE AMD64 version of OS.


I had the same problem after installing the propietary nvidia drivers.
amarok seemed to have an access denied on a nvidia module causing the black blocky.

i fixed it by adding my user to the group ‘video’ in yast - user mgmt

Thanks a ton suskewiet for the super fast & apt response. And yes, your suggestion worked flawlessly. Thats very strange though. Apart from this glitch I did not any other graphics related issue after installing NVidia proprietary drivers.