Issue while uninstalling an application

When I tried to uninstall some applications, pidgin, for example, via ‘Add/Remove Software’, YaST told me that I have to uninstall another 200+ packages. Is this something normal?

I’m new to Linux and don’t want ruin the system, so I seek for another way.

I found that ‘Software Manager’ can also be used to uninstall the package, so I use it to uninstall pidgin.

The problem is after I pressed ‘Apply’ button, there are so many package installing by themselves. I saw that most of them are appended with ‘-lang’.

Could someone please show me the way to remove this ‘pidgin’?:slight_smile:

Hello weeix and welcome to the community!:wink:

YaST told me that I have to uninstall another 200+ packages.
Is this the first time you want to install/uninstall something after a fresh install?

If so the reason for this is that on a installation CD/DVD there aren’t packages for many languages because that would take up to much space.
So these package will be installed when you install/uninstall something for the first time.

Good luck!:wink:

Nice to meet you, Edward. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your very fast reply!

I’d like to ask another question.

What is the proper way between ‘Add/Remove Software’ and ‘Software Manager’ to install/uninstall an application.

I am not quite with you here. One normaly uses YaST > Software > Software Management. Do not know where you see ‘Add/Remove Software’.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m using OpenSUSE 11.2 GNOME version.

The ‘Add/Remove Software’ and ‘Software Manager’ are in the Control Center.](

Well, I am not a Gnome user, but I should say that looks like twice the same!?!

You could test them by clicking and seeing if it starts the same thing or not. As long as you do not install anything such trying is harmless.

In any case when I want YaST, I start just YaST. No need to do this via some indirect menu entry somewhere. I know that in the KDE systems configuratioon (the equivalent of what you have there) there is a direct icon of YaST and there are some places wher you end of in a specific YaST function. I never use them.

Thanks man! :wink: