Issue when editing post

While editing a post of mine I exceeded the 10 minutes limit and thus when clicking the Save button I was given a message saying “time limit exceeded, contact administrator if needing to still edit”. However at the bottom of this message box there was a strange button with Japanese text on it!
I hit cancel to the post editing, tried clicking Edit post again and I got the same message, but within a different message box, without the strange Japanese text.
So I guess it only happens while already editing a post and hitting Save when time limit has already been reached.

Sorry, I couldn’t take any screenshots. What was that strange text? Kind of a malicious bug within the forums!?


I was able to get a grasp of the horrible button:
It’s Chinese, not Japanese, and according to google translate means “Cancel the change”.

Certainly would now make slightly more sense. But still… why is this button in Chinese?

Probably a CSS/vB issue or similar, will get it added to the todo list…


You make it sound like a non-critical/dangerous issue with the forums.

So actually no harm to my account, or worse, my OS? I’m certainly on Leap 42.3 itself, by the way.

I confirmed the issue can be well replicated the way I described, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to post the text. Sorry if my question sounds a bit stupid; I tend to get very uneasy whenever I find the slightest difference/uncommon thing in daily routines…

There is nothing that can be done until next week, these forums are best effort. Lets see if other users can see it, can you duplicate across different browsers?

Yes I can.
Just make a new post, go to editing it, wait 10 minutes, then try saving the changes.

But again, please, actually no harm to my account, or worse, my OS?

I’m certainly on Leap 42.3 itself, by the way.

No, the problem is likely with vBulliten (forum server end). Relax.

A text in a button?

Why do think a text in a button on a web-site can be dangerous to your system? It could be in any language in any script.

Fixed, was just a phrase/language error in vB.