Issue now with 42.3 systray items do not pop up after a while

I have previously reported this on TW KDE Plasma 5 and now on Leap 42.3 KDE Plasma 5 I am seeing the same thing happen. This is a new install of 42.3 using existing home partition on an INTEL I7 laptop. Initially the systray items all respond to being clicked on including the small black arrow then after a while they all stop responding apart from the blue line appearing at the top of the clicked icon. Logging out and back in which restarts the desktop fixes it for a while. I only have bluetooth, network (using NetworkManager), battery and volume icons in the systray. I should add that a right click shows the menu OK but left click only shows the blue bar. I’ve looked in the journal but cannot see any messages which might be relevant.

Anyone any ideas please?


Re-upping this unanswered question. I have same problem on my desktop, the applications widget stops working and cannot access anything on it. I can add a new applications widget to the right side of the task bar or whatever the bar is called that is along the bottom of my desktop. In process of fiddling with this I selected to delete the bar. Now it’s gone even on reboot.


  1. what do I have to run to rebuild that bar (it contained apps widget, pager, firefox, thunderbird on the left. On the right it has various systray widgets.

  2. any ideas on why the situation the O.P. mentioned exists?


Partially answering my own post. I got my taskbar back because I had previously saved a copy of ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc due to problems with moving desktop icons. I found on the web that the command

kquitapp plasmashell && kstart plasmashell

gave me salvation.

I still would like to know why the application menu widget stops responding but hopefully I will remember to log out and back in again to ‘fix’ it.

I have also had this issue on Tumbleweed as well as Leap and in the TW case it was suggested it could be a problem because I kept my home directory across installs. Recently I had to re-install my TW system (for an unrelated issue) and so I allowed it to format my home directory (having saved a copy just in case) and so far on this new install on TW I have not seen the issue. So I suspect something is left over in the files on home which is causing plasma to behave like this. It is a pain having to reformat home because of having to re-configure everything afterwards, but so far TW has not had the problem. Assuming this continues I will do the same on my Leap laptop installs.


I find that the systray-doesn’t-work-anymore problem arises when the device notifier goes south (something that happens with woeful regularity). The device notifier stops working and this borks the whole systray. I just use a standard systray, and I’ve found two solutions that don’t require a restart of the desktop.

  1. delete the entire non-functioning systray, then reinstall the systray widget (using Add Widgets). *.

  2. Just disable the device notifier in the System Tray Settings, then install the device notifier widget (using Add Widgets). This gives you a device notifier separate from the systray, so if it dies, it doesn’t take down the entire systray. I then delete the now dead device notifier widget and reinstall it using Add Widgets again. Both methods are minor pains in the ass, but they work. I prefer to use method 2.*

I had noticed that it seemed to happen when the device notifier had popped up when a USB device was plugged in. If it happens to me on TW I will certainly try option 2 but as yet it has not happened since the re-install. I will try option 2 on my Leap system where it does still happen.


Well having followed the advice on my Leap 42.3 laptop it does not fix the issue, in my case it happened when using the Network Manager systray widget a few times and then it stops popping up. My TW install has still not had the issue since I installed with a clean home directory.