Issue installing on HP ProBook 6560b

I am trying to dual-boot with windows 8(installed in non-efi mode). After the installer finishes, and launches yast for first time configuration, it freezes at detecting hardware. The cursor shows as busy(the circle keeps going) however nothing happens(waited for more than 30 minutes). If shutting down and starting again, it says the first install ailed and asks if I want to continue. If I select yes, the same thing happens. If I select no, then it loads the kde login screen, however no users are presented, and the user I give at installation is not created.

I tried to go over this and login as root, however when I try to setup the network device(the wifi in this case) yast either sets it up but the network doesn’t work, or it freezes when I try to select scan network for ssid.

Also, If I try to manually setup IP, then it stops either at saving network configuration or at starting network devices. From this point, the desktop becomes unusable. Whether I try to reboot from console, or from GUI, nothing happens. If I manually turn off and then start it again, the login menu doesn’t show.

I also tried skipping yast net configuration, and selected knetwork manager in the yast net config module. Again, this freezes when saving network configuration.
I should mention that the windows c drive is encrypted with bitlocker(same was the situation for an hp desktop but there were no issues with that.

This is a company laptop, and I am not used to this. As in, when I try to enter bios, it presents me with the users I created in windows, in order to login with one of them. It is the first time I’ve seen something like this.

The installation was performed using the full DVD of 13.1

If anyone has any idea on this it is more than welcome.