Issue during SUSE installation, with screen shot

I am new to here and linux, and I have no idea where should I put this thread into. Tried to look for report problem/issue forums, but I could not find it.

Anyway, during the installation of SUSE. I had this issue

But when I type the https:// instead the default http://
It will keep downloading.

I do not know it is a known issue or just me.

Sadly, my first post is this. :sarcastic:

You can view the Technical Help Forums (English speaking) on this page

As you can see at that link, there is an Install forum.
A Forum Administrator will move your post into the appropriate forum.

You are installing openSUSE, which is the free, open source version while you refer to SUSE which is the paid, not free version.
And, your screenshot suggests that your install has a networking problem, is unable to access the Internet. You should troubleshoot your network connection if you are able to do so, otherwise wait until this post is re-located and describe your networking as well as you are able to.
Or, download the DVD instead of the NET install so that you don’t need an Internet connection to install.


Temporarily closing this thread. It will be moved to the Install/Boot/Login forum and then reopened.