Issue after upgrade to 15.2 : fails

Hi !

I have a laptop (old HP zBook with Nvidia quatro using Optmus). It works well in 15.1 but after an upgrade to 15.2, I don’t have working anymore.

I tried to uninstall NVidia proprietary drivers, Nouveau drivers, reinstall NVidia but I don’t get working.

There is no log in /var/log/ ( is not updated).

In the boot messages the systems complained about bbswitch that does not work. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall “suse-prime” but it does not work.

Could someone help me in troubleshooting the issue ?


So you’ve followed this wiki?

Hi !

Thank you, it worked. Reinstalling Nvidia-G05 brought a lot of packages (Nouveau as well, strangely). Removed Xorg.conf and the screen conf. It worked after a reboot

Well done! :slight_smile: