ISO with bugs fixed.

Is it not possible to release a new ISO of openSUSE 11.3 (the previous release), which already has all the patches that were released during the cycle. It can even be done halfway through the life of the release.
My problem is, I frequently have to install openSUSE on machines with limited internet access / bandwidth, and the ISO images released is often not very well tested (few people test beta versions), and many bugs are found within a few weeks after release.
With these machines the version is not as important as reliability, and it is a mission to download all the patches and create a repository to update the machine.
Maybe something like this is already available somewhere?

You can always make a local mirror of the updates on a USB stick and use it update or even setup a mirror on your LAN.

Login to and create your own CD/DVD with all the
updates you can even test before you download…

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