ISO not containing any files

Hi guys, me again. New version, new problems.

So wherever i download suse live gnome cd or dvd iso, it shows only 0.img being inside, and subsequently unetbootin won’t create a boot usb because of it. When i open it using file roller, it says it contains only file 0.img 4.3 gigs large, last modified in 1970 ?
Tried numerous mirrors, bittorrent, and last on isohunt, always the same problem…

Currently running Debian Squeeze 64bit gnome.

Thanks for your help in advance

Did you check the md5/sha1sums? SDB:Download help - openSUSE

Two files named *.iso.md5 and *.iso.sha1 are available. These files contains hashes for each ISO image that is available from that download location.

Open a terminal window, and do

isohybrid openSUSE-12.2-DVD-x86_64.iso

If you don’t have isohybrid, install it first. Next dd the iso to the USB device.

Did everything as instructed and still didn’t work :frowning:

This is already the second version i’m not having luck with :frowning:

The LiveCD’s BTW are hybrid iso’s, maybe that explains the issues. Still, if the md5sum of the iso is correct, you should be able to write it to USB. See instructions here: SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE, I also suggest you use SUSE Studio’'s Imagewriter , links are provided on the SDB page.

sorry i’m resurrecting an old thread, but this is the only place i’ve found someone with the same problem as I’m having. I’m using windows 7 to try and make an opensuse install USB and instead of files all i have is a 0.img and 1.img. I’ve opened the files with 7zip and all of the normal files were inside of the img files. I’m suspecting a virtual cd program or utorrent has modified them but I can’t find any indication of who could be the culprit.

I’m going to be downloading directly from (and the netinstall so it doesn’t take hours) after uninstalling the virtual cd programs i had on my system. I had WinCDEmu and virtual clonedrive installed. If the netinstall iso looks fine I’ll try again with the full install afterward.

How did you make the usb image? Windows does not know about Linux file systems so you would not be able to see anything other then the containers (partitions)

Please t3hd0m,

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On 2013-09-09 02:46, gogalthorp wrote:
> How did you make the usb image? Windows does not know about Linux file
> systems so you would not be able to see anything other then the
> containers (partitions)

There are programs for Windows that allow “mounting” an iso image, and
do things with the image instead of loading the CD in the tray - same as
we mount an iso with “loop”. With those apps you can open the iso with
the explorer and look inside, you see all the files and can work with them.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.3 x86_64 “Dartmouth” at Telcontar)