.iso guest not resolving dns nor completing a login via ssh

i’ve installed a kvm guest (on a centos8 host) using openSUSE-MicroOS-DVD-x86_64-Current.iso, booted the guest, and logged in on the guest console. The guest is honoring the static ip address settings i gave but is not resolving dns. in attempt to fix i’ve replaced the /etc/resolv.conf softlink with a file giving our nameservers but this hasn’t helped.

Strangely also i’m unable to login via ssh, it prompts for the password, i type the password and hit enter, and it merely repeats the password prompt.

i note of course there are .qcow2 images available on the downloads page, which i didn’t choose, so i could create the .qcow2 size as i wish. Does the .iso simply not work for virt-install? The downloads page says “Base System + Container Runtime Environment” so that seems to suggest it should work.

Or am i making incorrect presumptions that MicroOS ought to install and work on a network ‘out of the box’?

Any ideas?

Suggest you look at either ignition or combustion to configure on install? It should by default use dhcp along with NetworkManager (which is the default).

Network configuration is just a flat text file, craft your own?

ignition example, creates the file from inline: | onwards;

    - path: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/static-ip.nmconnection
      mode: 0600
        inline: |

I use vagrant here to spin up images in kvm, likewise I use ignition for some initial configuration, the only image I have used is for the MicroOS desktop install on bare-metal.

Well i installed the MicroOS .iso into a kvm guest with static ip and was surprised it came up neither resolving dns nor routing out through our gateway. Also disappointed it defaults to selinux. The tumbleweed packaging seems to be working rather better for me. Tho microos provides good insight what packages i may choose to trim.

Now this is what i was looking for. Surprised it didn’t fix the microos networking problems tho, even after a reboot.

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