iSCSI Target Not Showing in YaST

Hello all,

I’m trying to get configure the iSCSI Target on SUSE using YaST. At least, that’s what the official tutorial says to use. But iSCSI Target doesn’t appear under Network Services like it says it does.

I’ve tried enabling it through Services Manager and Software Management. No luck still.

This is the article I’m trying to follow:


First, if your machines are SLES and/or SLED, these are the wrong Forums.
Find your Forum at eh following URL instead

If you’re on openSUSE, you need to describe your system (version, Desktop, kernel, etc)

besides providing the reference,
You also need to describe the steps you’ve done (there shouldn’t be many).
In particular, it should be noted that the last time I checked, there were 3 different iSCSI packages in the repos, you need to clearly specify which ones you’re using.