iSCSI question


I’m eagerly awaiting the release of openSUSE v12.1 as I would like to use this as the OS for my iSCSI file server, as I have used openSUSE in the past since v11.3 for server applications and love the ncurses-driven YaST interface. I currently have Openfiler installed on an SSD on my home server to share my files (on an external eSATA HDD) over the network via the iSCSI protocol because I ran into problems before when trying to do this with openSUSE v11.4, but I have a general question or two about iSCSI shares that I’d like to ask before deciding whether to take this step to go back to openSUSE. Hypothetically if I decide to wipe the Openfiler OS from my server and installed openSUSE v12.1 when the final version gets released, could I potentially still get access to my existing iSCSI share using the iSCSI tools available in the new openSUSE release? Or could Openfiler potentially be using a different (or even ‘proprietary’) method/format for creating/managing iSCSI shares that openSUSE wouldn’t necessarily support (thus meaning I’d lose access to my files)? I guess my question relates more to the possibility of ‘migrating’ (or ‘exporting’) iSCSI shares. Am I even asking this in the right place?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :).

I did not read the whole of your story, but it mentions 12.1 at the top. Shouldn’t this go into Pre-release/Beta because 12.1 is not released?
It is there where the 12.1 testers are lurking, not here.