Is x86_64 arch discriminated in mono repos?

when will be x86-64 version of mono-2.6.1 available?
Now there is 2.6.1 version available but even 2.6 is not present in Mono/openSUSE_11.2 repo.


Read this mono-2-6-monodevelop-2-2-on-opensuse-11-2

UPDATE: apparently there is a problem on the x86_64 build in the openSUSE Build Service. This appears to be an OBS bug, but for this reason, it’s recommended that you use the repositories at Mono 2.6.1 Downloads (stable).


The OBS Mono repos are NOT recommended. At the moment you won’t even be able to get Mono 2.6 on them if you’re on x86_64 because we’re getting some funky error on there that we don’t get anywhere else (maybe Xen-related?).

The official Mono repositories (which include MonoDevelop and will probably be updated to include Moonlight 2.0 when it is released) are at Mono 2.6.1 Downloads (stable) as described on the Mono Downloads page at Download - Mono

Now that explains a lot.
Thanks much!