Is Wicd gonna give me ****ypants?

Goodevenin’ all!

Today was a happy day! after trying trying trying to get my wireless up and running for days.
This morning I got rid of Networkmanager and installed Wicd.
With minor tinkering with settings on the program. SUCCES!!!
I was absolutely baffled! Full strength on the router where before I had no or poor reception etc. etc. etc.

So what is my question?
After my euforious moment I started checking the forum for articles on Wicd and found out that it isn’t a very popular subject.
Most articles are about networkmanager etc etc issues and so on.
Is Wicd inpopular? and if yes is that for a reason? Are there any known problems or security issues.

I would like to find out, because I like the interface of the program and want to keep on using it.

Kind regards


(Asus N10 with OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE. Ath9)