Is Wayland fully intergratable with opensuse ( I'm using 15 RC )

If yes, is there a guide to ease the integration?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated, ty.

Do you have a nvidia card?
Because wayland+nvidia=problems.

Sorry for not including initially.
intel i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz
GM204 GeForce GTX 970
32GB memory

What do you mean with that?

Wayland is included in Leap 15.0, and both GNOME and KDE/Plasma offer Wayland sessions at the login screen.
For Plasma you need to install the package plasma5-session-wayland though (GNOME’s wayland session should be installed by default I think), and of course you need to use a displaymanager/login screen that actually supports Wayland.
GDM and SDDM do, maybe lightdm as well (I don’t know).

But note that Wayland has still to be considered experimental and work-in-progress.
For KDE/Plasma 5.12, see here for a list of known problems/missing features:

Thanks wolfi323
I’ll have a read and play - see how it goes

PS: as already has been indicated, Wayland is not supported by the proprietary nvidia driver.
See also the 15.0 Release Notes:

**4.1 KDE on Wayland Is Not Supported with Proprietary Nvidia Driver

The KDE Plasma Wayland session is not supported with the proprietary Nvidia driver. If you are using KDE and the proprietary Nvidia driver, stay with the X session.

(I’m not sure about GNOME, but I don’t think that supports nvidia either)

You’ll need to stick to nouveau to use Wayland.

Also see for more details about KDE/Plasma “problems”/limitations on Wayland.

You just choose the Wayland session at GUI login. This works with either GDM or SDDM. It also works for LIGHTDM to start a KDE/Plasma Wayland session, but not to start a Gnome Wayland session. At least that’s my experience with both Tumbleweed and Leap 15.0

Oh, yes, you might have to install the Wayland session package for Gnome and/or Plasma. Just search for “wayland” in Yast Software Management and scan through the small list for the word “session” on the package names.

Beyond that – Gnome Wayland works very well here. Plasma/Wayland is missing some feature, but mostly works if you can do without those. This is with Intel graphics. I understand that there are problems with some graphics cards.