Is tumbleweed dead?

KDE 4.7.4, Gnome 3.2, Kernel 3.1.6, and other updates are here, but Tumbleweed is still empty. Is the project still alive ? :sarcastic:

pawanyadav wrote:
> KDE 4.7.4, Gnome 3.2, Kernel 3.1.6, and other updates are here, but
> Tumbleweed is still empty. Is the project still alive ? :sarcastic:
You don’t follow much mailing lists and threads concerning its
development, do you?

Sarcasm is not an easy task…

openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64) main host
openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64) 3.1.1-48-desktop Tumbleweed in VirtualBox
openSUSE 12.1 (i586) 3.1.0-1.2-desktop in EeePC 900

> Tumbleweed is still empty. . . :sarcastic:

suggest you demand your money back.

openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobiles” of operating systems!

The maintainer would probably respond to an urgent email from you, try the mailing list. I think that would be enough to bring him back from his Xmas break.

[Edit in a PS for the slow ppl: I’m not serious]

On what basis could it possibly be classed as “urgent”? :smiley:

Time for a serious reply: No, Tumbleweed is not dead. It’s gone for a break together with Greg KH. He’ll be back at Tumbleweed.

AKA “Slumberweed” – it’s hibernating. :smiley:

rotfl!rotfl!rotfl! that was a good one DenverD

Not quite empty :slight_smile:
Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/Tumbleweed/standard
Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/Tumbleweed:/Testing/openSUSE_Tumbleweed_standard
Hibernating sounds like… sleeping, i just like so call it a stand by :smiley:

That’s just “spinning” with repos, at the risk of confusing new Tumbleweed users. As far as a standard user is concerned there is nothing useful at the moment in /Tumbleweed/standard.

I did not say anything about using one or the other, i just said that they are not empty and thus are not dead :wink:

Yippee! Something happening in Tumbleweed - kernel 3.2 is beginning to appear (though right now not yet all relevant packages).

Now the kernel 3.2 is in Tumbleweed. But why is kernel-desktop-base conflicting with kernel-desktop? Both packages had to be installed alongside each other in previous incarnations. (There are still not yet all kernel packages available, BTW, so no need to hurry an update right now.)

Worry not, some of us are quite good at waiting. :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems that Tumbleweed has awaken from the sleep. I did noticed the same thing as Larx but as i learned using Tumbleweed you must have patience before doing an upgrade from the repo. So don`t alarm if you notice that some packages are “crazy” wait for a few days and the updates will work when you try. Kernel 3.2.0-2 works fine here.

GKH has left SUSE for the Linux Foundation. My observation is that Tumbleweed has been a one-man show since its inception. That one man just left the show*. Unless it becomes deeply integrated into the overall openSUSE development infrastructure (ie. all/most SUSE developers believe in and are committed to support the rolling release model), Tumbleweed is likely to languish.

Even if a “successor” takes over, I was never comfortable with the long-term viability of the one-man show model - that approach has too much ‘cathedral’ and not enough ‘bazaar’. The brightest ray of hope is that the SUSE developer community siezes the opportunity offered by the newly created vacuum and evolves Tumbleweed into a true rolling release everyone wanted it to be, rather than the “just another repository layered on top of the current openSUSE release” it has been to date.

It will be interesting to see how things work out.

  • I understand that SUSE (the business entity) is different from openSUSE (the community driven distribution). GKH could still continue his Tumbleweed work as before - no need to be a SUSE employee. But the latter provides some credibility and insider access that I’m sure was helpful in getting people to pay attention and take Tumbleweed seriously, particularly when they had to change to accomodate something needed by Tumbleweed. That’s gone now, and given the new set of priorities that come with a new job, primary focus will shift elsewhere, as it should. So I am not counting on the same level of dedication being devoted to Tumbleweed as before, even if Mr. K-H continues to spend time on Tumbleweed.

I think this deserves a new thread, because it would be very interesting to everyone using Tumbleweed and I for one would like to hear some “official” statements regarding Tumbleweed’s future.

Also: Interview with Greg K-H: Linux kernel chief exits SUSE, takes vendor-neutral oversight role []

Thanks, I found the interview interesting. Why do we need a new thread for speculation (or gossip perhaps)? :slight_smile:

The first place to look for developer announcements or statements is probably on the mailing list (i.e. “factory” in the case of Tumbleweed). Bad news tends to creep out eventually. If it’s good news, openSUSE News might make an announcement.

I thought about starting a new thread, actually, since the original title was a bit biased towards the negative. But I couldn’t resist answering the original question, so there you go.

I’m an optimist, however, and I think that we should make our own good news rather than pay attention to the creeping bad news, so a new thread would be the place to drive a positive Tumbleweed discussion.

We should end this thread now and shift focus to positive, forward-looking discussion, IMHO.

Hmm if I’m not mistaken, events generate news (good or bad) and people report it, not make it up to facilitate gossip masquerading as discussion. Some tabloid newspapers speculate, report gossip, and some make it up. With respect, who are we to control which way (+ve or -ve) a discussion may go?

In any case you won’t know what’s going to happen wrt Tumbleweed until Greg K-H makes a decision, and either he announces it or someone does so on his behalf. Until then, it’s just Chit-chat and IMO that’s where it belongs. :slight_smile: