Is torrent downloads in Linux slower than Windows?

I have heard this many times in many forums… is there any truth in this?? Is there anything to do to optimize speeds of torrent downloads??

Thats not my experience…

sarin cv wrote:
> I have heard this many times in many forums… is there any truth in
> this??

what is your experience with torrents on Linux?

which torrent clients have you tried which you measured as slower
than Windows based clients?

i’m happy with Ktorrent…but, i don’t start it up and sit and watch
it…i just let it run until done AND then let run until i’ve GIVEN
back as much as i took or more…usually several times more…

you know, a lot depends on the others participating in the connection,
and your client’s setup…

did you use the default setup, or tune it some?

here is a reasonably up to date list of torrent clients:

a search in YaST shows there are several available and easily
installed into openSUSE…some of which are available for both Linux
and Windows, keep records and decide for yourself which platform is best…

and, let us know!!


Mind: in some countries torrent download has become virtually illegal. Governments may ask you to proove that you only downloaded free material (i.e. not copyrighted, not licensed etc.

Here in the Netherlands the government has taken a lot of measures, forces trackers to make themselves unreachable for dutch visitors etc. Fines are incredibly high.

Sure, you only use it to download the very many linux distro’s.

My experience has always been, that torrent downloading under lunux was much smoother. On Windows it realy used to suck, on linux it just did it’s job.

Load of old FUD. Utter codswallop.

If anything your experience in Linux should be better and certainly safer.


Microsoft’s limiter makes it impossible for Windows systems to have more than 10 concurrent half-open outbound connections
Unless you use a workaround.

> Sure, you only use it to download the very many linux distro’s.

i have only used it to download and seed linux software…

are there other uses?


I have moved to the Caribbean and found that my download is slower. BUT that has NOTHING to do with linux and everything to do with my slow DSL here.

However, while I was still in Germany, I had a 16000 dl and a 7000 upload rate. I did notice that my downloads in linux were faster thank on my XP machine. Also the number of stalled downloads was far greater on the XP PC.

I only run XP on an old (4yo) laptop now and leave all my downloading to my linux PC (Opensuse 11.1) and Ktorrent. Given the connection I have here, there is no way I would download anything on the laptop.

inn fact, I haven’t tried any torrent download in linux… In windows, I have used utorrent… I have heard people saying downloads are slow in linux for the same file at the same time…

No they’re not, I often get up to 1.6 MB/s on torrents (my limit is 1.7MB/s and sometimes I get that too). On Windows I could never achieve such speeds no matter which client or how i configured it

If you don’t actually need any help with torrents, we can move this to soapbox, as it’s likely to escalate in to trolling accusations or worse.
(Don’t be tempted guys)!

> I have heard people saying downloads are slow in linux for the same file at the same time…

do not believe everything you hear!


no…I was asking if there is snything to be donw to optimize speeds… I wanted to download some distros… so it will be helpful always… anyways thanks for the replies…

Depends on your connection speed and filesystem. Personally, when the transfer speed goes over 10Mb/s, system kills itself ( I think it’s ext3 fault, tough, not sure ).

I am tempted …

… to say …

“Please do this”

I don’t see any good reasons for this thread to stay in “applications”.

If you think it’s the clients, feel free to run uTorrent under wine. Haven’t done that myself but an ex-classmate told me he did so and it worked perfectly.

Personally I’m quite happy with ktorrent which I’ve seen download speeds with at my connection cap (30Mbit) and I’ve also seen Vuze (formerly known as Azureus) max out my back then connection cap of 20Mbit (under both windows and linux).

From my own experience it’s the router that makes the difference, not the OS. I used to have a router that would completely cave in under the pressure of 3-4 simultaneous torrents with 250 connections each lowering my download speed and rendering my normal browsing unusuable.
Now I can download at connection cap speed with 15+ simultaneous torrent downloads and still browse comfortably (router uses QOS to give priority to normal webbrowsing above that of torrents)

Also, if you want DHT support in your torrent client and are using the KTorrent client. Get the version from the packman repository instead of from the openSUSE (OSS?) repository as the one that’s installed by default has it disabled and wont let you enable it.
If this is due to potential patents being violated (silly american laws) or due it potentially encouraging illigal downloading (it’s harder to track and the torrents will keep going after the track is brought down) I don’t know

Utorrent does work under wine, and I got the same speeds from utorrent in windows as I did from utorrent under wine in opensuse and mandriva. It all comes down to your connection and or router.

There is so many different variables that can cause this.

upload/download bandwith
torrent client
HD read/write speed
client settings
encryption enabled/disabled

That being all said, yes I use utorrent in windows and ktorrent in linux and I do notice that ktorrent is a little slower to download files than utorrent on the same machine. BUT not by much so I dont even worry about it. I think ktorrent just isnt as advanced as utorrent is but they are making a lot of progress with every release.