Is this old Hardware useful for testing?

Is this old hardware useful for testing?
Intel Celeron 2.6ghz, one gig of RAM and a Nvidia 6600 video card with 512 of memory?

On 2012-04-26 23:36, FlameBait wrote:
> Is this old hardware useful for testing?

Why not? :slight_smile:

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Yes, but not with nvidia 295.40 with a GeForce 6x. You need 290.10 (which is not available anymore) or build the nvidia driver yourself, or use nouveau (you’ll most likely need ‘nomodeset’ to boot).

In comparison my Sandbox PC (for testing) has an Athlon-1100 cpu with 2 GB of RAM and a nVidia FX5200 graphic card. When I started using it as a test PC it had only 512MB of RAM, but when a couple of other PCs died, which I cannibalized and I incrementally updated its RAM from 512M to 2GB (maximum allowed by its motherboard).

So I think that old hardware of yours is useful for testing. As pointed out by please_try_again, with such old hardware one always needs to keep a close eye on the compatibility status of any new proprietary graphic driver (and also of the nouveau driver) as support tends to come and go and come and go and come and go … with old hardware.

Flamebait look at the 32 bit PC in my sig works well with 12.2 to date.

All are available here (install via the hard way);

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