Is there freetype-infinality for OpenSUSE packaged somewhere?

I wonder is there freetype-infinality (/infinality ultimate) packaged for OpenSUSE somewhere?
I found fontconfig with infinality patches (for example here ), but as patched freetype is missing there are some bugs with it.
I’ve also tried freetype from gldickens repo. It certainly improved font rendering and overall look, but IMO barabones infinality gives better results (on my end fonts look slightly more high res and there is less noticable fringing)., perhaps?

thx John. Tried it - sadly as it containt only config types, not freetype with infinality patches it glitches in some apps (thunderbird for example). I’ve went with gldickens Freetype 2.7 (it has subpixel rendering and lcd filters option on) - a bit of tweaking was needed, but the results are miles better than stock OpenSUSE, almost on par with Infinality (Infinality IMO makes fonts look more high res, with less rgb fringing).

If you are interested in high quality fonts, have you looked at the Tex Gyre family: