is there anyway to install visual basic + opensuse?

I’m a college and will be learning VB

was wondering since VB was developed by m$ and needs a .Net

how do I use VB on OS?

without using VirtualBox/Wine ? :slight_smile:

On Tue, 20 Apr 2010 01:26:01 +0000, azharhafiz wrote:

> I’m a college and will be learning VB
> was wondering since VB was developed by m$ and needs a .Net
> how do I use VB on OS?
> without using VirtualBox/Wine ? :slight_smile:

In short, you don’t - it’s a Windows program, and Linux != Windows.

Either you virtualize, or you use something that lets you run Windows
software, which would be WINE.


Jim Henderson
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Work in progress I’d say.

So while not impossible most likely not recommended to ‘learn’ with a ‘beta’ product.

Must say it’s strange to see there’s a place out there somewhere still teaching VB instead of C# which would make it easier for yourself to pick up languages like Java and C++.

So are you running VB(6) or VB.NET?

VB.NET can be done using Mono, though Monodevelop’s VB.NET offerings are very limited, such as not including the GUI developer. Mono is an open source implementation of the .NET framework.

If you are using the pre-.NET VB (VB 6) then the closest thing you’ll have available is Gambas.

For VB.NET there is also KBasic](, but I wouldn’t trust that being as compatible. At least Mono tries to be fully compatible.

maybe we are too dump to learn C hahah

is C# simpler then C? I’m on mechatronics actually not IT

Got Visual Studio here, VB.Net c# C++ and the older VB6. As M$ languages go, there is far more merit to VB6/ for web related stuff and quick simple RAD than their versions of C# C++ which at best I would rate still experimental. They have great GUI implementation but lousy problematic deployment. All schools, colleges, Universities, and tech schools here give a short intro into C# (2-3days), VC++ (2-3days), but then spend most of the rest of the course on VB.NET and Borland C++ and other variants. Lately, they have been expanding on Linux C++.
To Quote my professor friend “we have come to realize that the demands of business and industry is leaning towards open architecture and that means stronger emphasis on MAC OS/X and Linux/Unix to fill the gaps left by Microsoft.
Microsoft has had more than enough time to address the issues of the .NET framework and yet it’s still broken.”
After hearing this and relating it to my own experience I can see them teaching VB.NET which can be used without invoking .NET framework and opting for C++ from other vendors.

As stated above you can try using mono (experimental) or using it under VirtualBox/Wine. No other way :’( Linux is not by itself able to run M$ Applications just as Windose can’t run Linux Apps.

All you can do is write the source of an app in a way that each OS can build that app from the source code to run under a different OS. There are major differences between the windows GUI model and the GUI model used in Linux.

To satisfy your course work, you will have little choice but to run a Windows machine, learn the VB.NET and explore other language options afterward.